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About Alma Natural Health

Are you trying to optimize your health but finding it hard to figure out a way to do it? Do you wish there was someone that could just tell you what to do? If you find yourself nodding your head to these questions, let me help you. I am a certified health coach at Alma Natural Health in the Eugene, OR area that can guide you to the proper food and lifestyle choices that will optimize your overall health.

Give me an hour of your time and I can help you create wellness goals as well as a plan to achieve them. I provide a supportive environment that helps you understand that it is possible to overcome your bad eating and lifestyle habits. As your integrative nutrition health coach, I can guide you through the process of making healthy changes in your life. I will support you through the entire process, helping you through the downs and cheering you on during the ‘ups.’

During your session with me as your health coach in the Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, and Veneta areas, I will help you do some soul searching. Together we’ll discover who you are now and who you want to be at the end of your coaching sessions. We will then create a blueprint that helps you see how the process will work and what you need to do to put the changes in motion.

If you are tired of being tired and unhealthy, you need an integrative nutrition health coach. I provide the highest level of customer service and the most personable care as I walk you through the process of becoming the ‘new you.’ 

Call me today for your appointment and I will get right to work making you the healthiest version of you possible! I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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