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Holistic Care & Natural Health Practices

Are you tired of feeling run down and unhealthy? Are you looking for a way to eat right all the time, not just for the brief period of a fad diet? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, I can help you. I am a holistic care professional at Alma Natural Health in the Veneta, OR area. I am dedicated to helping my clients learn to transform their lifestyle with proper eating habits and good lifestyle choices for the rest of their life. 

My natural health practices help you learn to understand your body’s needs. It goes beyond the late-night cravings or the sweet tooth that you cannot seem to stop. I help you learn self-awareness so that you can make the choices that your body needs, not the needs your mind tricks you into thinking you have. With the right help, you can transform the way your mind thinks and your body reacts, but you need the right coaching to make that happen and that’s where I can help.

My holistic care in the Veneta, Cottage Grove, Eugene, and Springfield areas treat your mind, body, and soul. I don’t just try to make you change your diet overnight and expect changes. Instead, I evaluate your entire lifestyle. What choices do you make outside of your eating habits that are negatively affecting your overall health? I will help you understand these choices and you can slowly change them to make the new habits a permanent part of your life.

If you are ready to live a better life, I am here to help you. My natural health practices are easy to implement into your lifestyle. I don’t force them on you or expect you to make changes overnight. I will work with you at your pace, helping you to change your life one day at a time. Call me today for your consultation or visit me online for more information!

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