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Colon Cleanse & Health Cleanse

Are you trying to find a way to get healthy? Are you tired of the fad diets constantly failing you? It’s time to get the help you need. I am a certified health coach at Alma Natural Health that can provide everything that you need! I provide coaching for nutrition, lifestyle choices, and even the proper way to do a colon cleanse. When you follow the routines I provide, you will feel and look healthier than ever before.

The programs I provide in the Cottage Grove, OR area are not a temporary diet that will provide you with quick weight loss. Instead, they are a way of life. They are a way to help you obtain optimal health by encouraging you to make smart choices when eating and conducting yourself in your daily life. What I don’t do is provide you with a list of foods you cannot eat. Instead, I show you the foods that you should eat. This will prompt you to make smart choices, eliminating the room for the bad choices.

You may think that a health cleanse is a hoax or that it’s yet another fad diet, but it’s not when you do it right. In fact, it’s a great way to reset your body, allowing it to get what it needs – the right nutrients. I will walk you through the entire process so that you are safe, healthy, and happy. You won’t miss the foods you ‘can’t’ eat because I don’t provide you with a list of restrictions. Instead, we focus on what you can eat and enjoy.

If you are ready to try a colon cleanse or learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and you are in the Cottage Grove, Eugene, Springfield, or Junction City areas, call me. I will sit down with you and evaluate your current lifestyle. Together, we will then come up with a plan that will work for you, eventually working your way up to a health cleanse to give you optimal health.

Call me today or check out my website for more information!

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